Reviews Of Dr. David Allen & Wheaton Orthodontic Center Of Wheaton, IL

If you have a nervous kid this is the place for you!! They are so patient and really make the kids feel at ease. The staff is so welcoming and helpful from appointments to billing. Everyone I’ve encountered is happy to help and truly enjoys their job

best wheaton il orthodontistLisa S.

Dr Allen and all the wonderful staff have been absolutely the BEST for the past 6-7 years we have been dealing with them. The attention to detail and the personalism you will never find with any other Orthodontist! The office is a delight to go to and again all the people you will deal with are just the best you will ever meet, like a family. I Highly suggest you try them out-you will not be sorry!

best wheaton il orthodontistChris H.

We love Dr. Allen and his staff! We moved from the city and he took over my daughter’s orthodontic care with ease. Dr. Allen and the entire team has made us feel very welcome and special. I would equate this office to be the Ritz-Carlton/Mercedes-Benz/BMW of customer service with affordable pricing too. Highly recommended!

best wheaton il orthodontistMelinda S.

Dr Allen and his staff are fantastic. They make you feel so comfortable when you are at the office. The office is very clean and very modern and they do a great job. My smile is awesome!!! Thanks Dr Allen and staff.

best wheaton il orthodontistCecilia W.

We are still in the early stages of my daughter’s orthodontic journey, but to say that I am impressed with Dr. Allen and staff is an understatement! The level of service that the office staff provide is amazing and Dr. Allen creates such a wonderful rapport with his patients. I highly recommend Wheaton Orthodontics!

best wheaton il orthodontistChristine Q.

Our twins have been with Dr. Allen and his staff for about 2 years! They LOVE going to his office and bonus is that their teeth look beautiful. They are always so positive and welcoming! I am even going to make an appointment for me to get more details on Invisalign!

best wheaton il orthodontistMaggie C.

The office has been so great to work with. They are clear and concise with their orthodontic plan and are warm and welcoming whenever we make our visits. They are easy to work with and are super accommodating. My child NEVER complains about going for his appointments!

best wheaton il orthodontistAnne H.

Wheaton Orthodontics/Dr. David Allen is amazing. Both our children were under his care and we now have our grandchild there. Kids have a blast at the extremely child friendly office, staff offers superior service, and teeth turn out beautifully.

best wheaton il orthodontistKaren D.

Dr. Allen and staff are very professional and offer a fun environment which helps puts the patients at ease. You will not regret choosing Dr. Allen and Wheaton Orthodontic Center.

best wheaton il orthodontistKieth H.

Very happy with the patience and care given to my daughter by the staff at Wheaton Orthodontics. Highly recommend!

best wheaton il orthodontistLisa D.

This was my daughter’s 12th visit and we’ve had a pleasant experience each time. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The office is modern, yet warm and inviting.
The best part is we are happy with the results! Thank you Lynette, Dr. Allen and staff!

best wheaton il orthodontistYdalis J.

Have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Allen and the entire staff. If I coukd give them more stars I would. Had all 3 kids as patients there and each experience was better than the last. They truly care about their patients and take great care of them. The office is so efficient and reliable. Highly recommended them!

best wheaton il orthodontistChris F.

I have been going to Dr. Allen for many years. At first I was scared to get braces but when I walked into Dr. Allen’s building I knew I was going to be treated well. And I was correct. His staff is very caring and nice. I had George and Beth today they were so nice to me.

I highly recommend Dr. Allen and his team!

best wheaton il orthodontistColin H.

Our older son had his orthodontic work done by Dr Allen. They were recently removed. Our younger son had his initial consult. We will return when it’s time. Dr Allen and his staff are helpful and professional.

best wheaton il orthodontistHenry M.

We love coming here. Dr. Allen and staff are the best. We put off getting our daughters braces because she had such a fear and anxiety of dentists in general, but Dr. Allen and staff put her completely at ease and they explain every step in detail. I am so pleased I would reccomend them to everyone. My daughter looks forward to going to her appointment now and that’s a miracle. Thank you so much Dr.Allen and wonderful staff!

best wheaton il orthodontistRocky R.

Great Place , Great People, Great Service.

best wheaton il orthodontistMark B.

Dr. Allen and his team are doing very good job. They are always friendly and excited to see patients. And his office is so cool too

best wheaton il orthodontistTran T.

Very kind, helpful, and understanding workers who make each appointment one to look forward too.

best wheaton il orthodontistErik S.

Our child receives excellent care here so we are starting our second child as a patient! The friendly staff goes above and beyond to make this process a positive experience for everyone. We especially love the waiting room video games, cookies and hot chocolate, the newsletter, raffles, newly renovated office and the annual patient appreciation party!

best wheaton il orthodontistRyan A.

I went to many orthodontis’s and without a doubt Dr. Allen was the best fit. His assitants are rockstars. Made me feel welcomed the minute I walked in. Once I met Dr. Allen I knew he was the guy I was going to trust with my teeth. He is a very personable man and doesn’t make you feel like you are just another paycheck to him. Happy to be with this group of people!

best wheaton il orthodontistCody G.

I’ve been 100% satisfied with Dr.Allen’s care for both of my children. The results are amazing, they are incredibly professional and always friendly.

best wheaton il orthodontistAntonietta C.

Great service. Very friendly.

best wheaton il orthodontistSean S.

Very professional, personable staff. From start to finish with consultation and then work being done, I was very impressed with efficiency and latest equipment along with their professionalism. Dr. Allen I enjoyed talking to- I was referred to him by my dentist. Would highly recommend this office and staff.

best wheaton il orthodontistMartha G.

Great experience and a wonderful staff who were all very kind and helpful.

best wheaton il orthodontistNJeremiah L.

The Wheaton Orthodontic Center is a great place to get braces! Dr. Allen and all the staff are professional, welcoming, and answer any questions you have about each step along the way to a healthier and more beautiful smile! People of all ages are encouraged to ask about braces and find out how various methods to straighten teeth are right for them. Just contact the Center and you’ll be happy you did!

best wheaton il orthodontistVirginia R.

I found that the process was easy and quite painless. Each time something was added, they let you know how they were going to do it and when. I am very pleased with the work done.

best wheaton il orthodontistEric R.

The staff are all super sweet ! Everyone made me feel so comfortable and they all made the experience so much better. I 100% recommend!

best wheaton il orthodontistElliemay

The technicians at Wheaton Orthodontics are completely passionate and devoted to their patients. They truly go out of their way to ensure that all patients receive the very best customer experience – all around! I was truly touched by all of their hands and smiles too!

best wheaton il orthodontistNissan T.

My daughter had an wonderful experience from beginning to end. Dr. Allen’s office is such a professional well run office. Dr. Allen and his staff take care to make sure everything is taken care of on a 5 star level. From your initial consultation, every visit, the beautiful office with drinks, snacks, all the little customer service touches to the end when the whole staff sings to you when your braces come off. I would recommend this office to anyone!

best wheaton il orthodontistIzabel S.

Dr. Allen and his team have been amazing with both of my kids and their individual orthodontic needs. The added bonus is both of them love going to his office for the warm fresh cookies, video gaming area and being able to earn more points in the rewards club! Even my little one with the braces doesn’t mind going😉. Thank you Wheaton Orthodontic Center!!

best wheaton il orthodontistJenell Z.

All the people who work there are so nice and helpful and I would recommend this place to future kids that require braces in the future.

best wheaton il orthodontistMario B. Jr

Both of my kids have beautiful smiles thanks to Dr. Allen. He goes out of his way to make sure everything is done right.

best wheaton il orthodontistKristen V.

Great place, the staff show that they care about you and quest to getting straight teeth.

best wheaton il orthodontistJonah K.

As we welcome the start of a new year, some of us will reflect on the blessings they have received in the past years. How grateful I am that I can cite my experience with Dr. David J. Allen and his staff at Wheaton Orthodontic Center as among my blessings!
From my very first visit at the office, I was made to feel welcome and comfortable by the friendly staff and the pleasant environment of the office itself.
Dr. Allen inspires the utmost confidence by his knowledge, skill, and professionalism. Dr. Allen is a great doctor who listens to the patient and takes care of them with great attention.
Kudos and the highest recommendation to Dr. Allen and everyone at Wheaton Orthodontic Center for the great experience and quality work you have done on my teeth.

best wheaton il orthodontistSteve K.

Wheaton Orthodontics Outstanding ServiceOur experience with Dr. Allen has been nothing short of outstanding! He’s caring and takes the time to make sure his patients are comfortable and informed of how to take care of their braces. His staff is equally as talented and both of my boys enjoy going to his inviting and beautiful new office. We mostly appreciate how patient the office is with financing and how they work with you in a comfortable and flexible way. This was greatly appreciated because we currently have both boys in braces. We also appreciate the convenience of being able to make a payment online and review our accounts when needed. We highly recommend Dr. Allen and his staff for all orthodontic needs.

best wheaton il orthodontistGUNNAR B.

Dr Allen’s team is so helpful and eager to assist you in any situation. Every time I go in, I’m greeted by smiling receptionists and I always leave feeling content and satisfied with their services.

best wheaton il orthodontistHan C.

Cannot recommend Dr. Allen highly enough! The staff there is so attentive and professional. My daughter just had the first phase of her treatment completed and we could not be happier. The on-call availability gives great peace of mind. My son is up next, see you soon, Dr. Allen!

best wheaton il orthodontistRyan A.

Dr. Allen and his staff are first class and completely professional. They take a personal interest in my dental health and always make me feel very welcome. The office is a well run machine. I just finished my Invisalign and I am thrilled with the results. I highly recommend their services.

best wheaton il orthodontistColin M.

Great place and staff, newly remodeled and it looks great. My daughter has been a patient for almost 2 years and her teeth are looking great. My youngest is getting her braces on soon and will also be their patient. They have tons of techs so it is easy to get in, they also have night hours and weekends available. Would for sure recommend!

best wheaton il orthodontistBrianne H.

I brought my granddaughter in to have her wires tightened and a general check to see how her teeth are shaping up. I really liked Dr.Allen. He’s very friendly, very talented, and very patient with the kids. Every patient sitting in the waiting room seemed very happy with him. I heard nothing but good things from other parents waiting along with me. The front desk staff was great. They were friendly and helpful; always smiling. You can tell that place runs like a well-oiled machine. Everyone knows his or her job and it’s reflected in the treatment a patient and family receives there. There’s also the beautiful end result of gorgeous teeth that Dr Allen gives them. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Allen, along with his fabulous staff.

best wheaton il orthodontistErminia M.

My daughter recently finished Phase 1 braces with Dr Allen and her smile looks beautiful! She was only 7 when she first got her braces on and she was very nervous. The entire staff made every appointment for her super comfortable and easy! I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience! What a great office!

best wheaton il orthodontistJessica A.

It was a great experience from start to finish. At every appointment, I’m greeted with smiles from the front desk making me feel welcome. My appointments have always started on time and I have received a great amount of attention from ortho assistants as well as Dr. Allen. I have already recommended Dr. Allen and his team to friends/family.

best wheaton il orthodontistMike K.

My husband had braces with Dr Allen. His smile looks amazing! He never used to show his teeth when he smiled. We just got our wedding pictures back and he is all smiles. His smile is beautiful!

best wheaton il orthodontistKristine W.

I highly recommend Dr Allen. I got my braces in my late forty’s…I was very self conscious about my smile. My teeth not only look great but I look younger! Thank you Dr Allen for my beautiful smile!

best wheaton il orthodontistLisa J.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this practice and staff. Both of my daughters had braces put on and were treated by Dr Allen and his staff. The work was impeccable. They are professional and very friendly and hospitable. Dr Allen’s attention to detail makes all the difference.

Two techs stand out. Kelly and Lynette. They made my daughter comfortable and at ease. This had proven to be a big task on several occasions but the handled it with ease. She didn’t dread her appointments and actually looked forward to them finding both ladies easy to enter common ground with.

Now that a 2nd orthodontist has been added to the practice appointments are much more flexible. His work is just as wonderful as Dr Allens and he is as friendly and professional as well.

Well worth the price and commute to Wheaton.

best wheaton il orthodontistHelen N.

My experience at Dr. Allen’s office was such a positive experience. Not only did I feel welcome by all the staff and Dr. Allen himself, but I always felt I was going to a modern office that cared about their patients and their braces experience. As a college student, I often came home on strange times and was still able to find a appointment with their flexible hours. I would recommend Wheaton Orthodontics to anyone who wants a straight and lovely smile & a great experience!

best wheaton il orthodontistMeagan B.

Highly recommend Dr. Allen at Wheaton Orthodontic Center.

About a year ago, I brought my 13-year old son to Wheaton Orthodontics to redeem a coupon for a free football mouthguard given to us during equipment pickup for the Glen Ellyn Golden Eagles.
During the free custom mouthguard fitting, Dr. Allen provided a complimentary evaluation of my son’s teeth. My son was already wearing braces from another orthodontist, and Dr. Allen said things were looking good and coming along nicely. I took the opportunity to ask Dr. Allen his opinion on extractions because our current orthodontist was recommending we pull FOUR of my son’s teeth as part of his treatment plan. We had questioned this direction over and over and asked other orthodontist if there was ANY way to avoid this drastic measure and were told that unfortunately our son’s teeth would be overcrowded without the extractions.

Well, Dr. Allen just shook his head with disappointment that extractions were being proposed. He proceeded to describe the long term future “look” of a smile with extensive extractions, and it wasn’t pretty. All those missing teeth, even professionally straightened and aligned would eventually make for a smaller looking mouth and a less broad smile. In essence, we would be giving up the possibility of a wide Hollywood smile just for “straight teeth”. He went on to say that with a different type of braces (I believe the Damon method?) that he utilizes, along with artistic tweaks that could produce the kind of smile we were looking for without pulling ANY teeth!

We left that appointment with our free mouthguard for football and a plan of action. We scheduled an appointment with our former Orthodontist and gave one final plea to not pull our son’s teeth and described the treatment plan Dr. Allen had described. Our Orthodontist said that what we were describing was a more sophisticated and advanced technique than their office was able to provide and continued to push extractions as the best solution. Needless to say, we parted ways with this provider.

Dr. Allen’s office provided an extremely smooth transition into their office. I don’t recall her name, but the woman in charge of the financial end of things literally handled EVERYTHING with my insurance. Worked with my old provider to obtain a refund for what we had paid in advance for old braces, and applied that to Dr. Allen’s treatment plan, and helped us set up a payment plan that made the financial transition seamless. She was so friendly and down to earth and willing to take the time to help us through this unusual situation.
Within a few days, the old braces removed, and new braces put on. First thing my son said was that this appointment was the first he had experienced that did not cause him any pain. Even on the days after his adjustment appointments, there were no longer complaints of the aches he used to experience.

Our original treatment plan called for my son’s braces to come off in March of 2017…just over 2 years. We just scheduled our final appointment with Dr. Allen for early Dec. 2016 to have his braces taken off! Three months earlier than originally proposed! What a great Christmas gift to us…3 months of payments AND what we can already tell is going to be a wide perfect smile!
I rarely if ever write reviews…but Dr. Allen and his wonderful team deserve accolades. Thank goodness we got a second opinion!
Thanks Dr. Allen!

best wheaton il orthodontistMelinda M

I would highly recommend this orthodontist and his team. After only two months of wearing Invisalign braces, I can already see a difference! Dr. Allen’s team works together like a well-oiled machine; everyone works together for a positive outcome!! They explain what they are doing in a professional manner while also maintaining a friendly atmosphere. I’m fortunate to have found such a great place to obtain a nice smile!!

best wheaton il orthodontistGinny O.

My daughter got two additional opinions and they said she would need 4 teeth pulled! In a short 8 months all my daughters teeth are almost perfectly in place! Working on one more tooth and her smile will be perfect without any teeth pulling! The method Dr Allen is using is amazing and my daughter and I are both extremely happy with her great progress! Thank you so much to Dr Allen and his great team and staff! Such a great experience so far!

best wheaton il orthodontistAntonia L.

My son was referred to Dr. Allen for an evaluation a couple of years ago. When Dr. Allen told me he would not pull teeth or use an expander, I knew I would be very happy with his practice!! Dr. Allen and everyone else in the office are professional and extremely nice. Appointments are always a pleasant experience at Wheaton Orthodontic Center.

best wheaton il orthodontistLaura W.

Outstanding Customer Service!

Dr. Allen and his team are true professionals that provide the kindest customer service. Dr. Allen has seen my two daughters for the last 1 ½ years (checkups every 6 months) without the pressure for us to start any kind of service. Note, I have not paid for any of the checkups nor has my insurance – which is incredible! Every trip to his office (recently remodeled and now they have fresh baked cookies! … yummy) has been delightful. You can definitely tell that his staff loves working there by their sincere conversations. When my girls are ready for braces, he will have our business.
BTW – Don’t take my word for it … make an appointment for a consultation and you will experience the same outstanding customer service.
Disclaimer – I was not offered any thing for my honest review (with the exception of the cookies my daughters ate)!

best wheaton il orthodontistBen T.

Recommended by a friend for a second opinion, we went to Wheaton Orthodontic Center just this morning, and my daughter is getting her braces put on as I type this review! This was an incredible experience, top to bottom. Congenial atmosphere overall, super friendly and helpful staff, clean and pleasant environment, even cookies and cocoa! Beth explained things so well and in such a fun way. And Dr. Allen made me and my 6th grader very comfortable and confident about what we could accomplish. Best of all: no need to pull teeth as the last place had told us. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

best wheaton il orthodontistLillian K.

As an adult I wasn’t sure how things would go. I must say the staff, from the front desk to the technicians, everyone was fantastic. They made you feel comfortable and welcomed. I have now had 3 kids go to Dr Allen and the experience has been nothing but 5 Star. The results have been transfomational. Thank you to Dr Allen and all the staff.

best wheaton il orthodontistMark M.

Dr. Allen and his staff are wonderful. My daughter is a patient there getting ready for braces. She is engaged in their incentive programs and looks forward to going in to their super fun office geared towards kids and teens. I trust Dr Allen… In a world of opportunists he showed me he is 100% focused on what’s best for my daughter… Opting to let nature take its course before getting braces before her time. They have watched her progression and made her extremely comfortable and made me feel like I know what ti expect. Dr. Allen has a great reputation as we find more friends who love him, too. We chose wisely.

best wheaton il orthodontistAudrey K.

We appreciate the entire staff at Wheaton Orthodontic Center! With both my son and I going through the process of braces, the help with insurance, payment plans, and scheduling is made easier with doctors and staff willing to take the time to be sure we understand the process and are completely satisfied!
Thank you.

best wheaton il orthodontistScott S.

Wheaton Orthodontic Center is really fun to be at and the staff there is really nice!

best wheaton il orthodontistGrace K.

Great, friendly staff, and a kid-friendly environment!! A definite 5 stars from me!

best wheaton il orthodontistAmanda S.

They let you feel welcome and cozy. They never want you to feel uncomfortable and when you get braces they don’t really want to take out teeth and answer all of your questions perfectly. Wheaton Orthodontics also has a rewards system which helps kids get their minds off the problem with getting

best wheaton il orthodontistMimi N.

Dr. Allen is such an amazing and talented man and I loved coming here!! Thanks so much to the wonderful staff! They are so friendly and helpful and my teeth look great! 🙂

best wheaton il orthodontistM. Barella

Me and my sister both had braces for two years given to us by Dr. Allen D.D.S and it was a great experience. Me and my sister now have great, perfectly straight teeth i couldn’t recommend this place more. I loved it!

best wheaton il orthodontistCarie G.

outstanding service! My 8 eyers old daughter loves that place and loves her Dr. Allen!

best wheaton il orthodontistSaulius M.

Wheaton Orthodonics has great service and always takes great care of their patients. Me and my siblings are thoroughly satisfied with their work and rewards program.

best wheaton il orthodontistCaroline S.

Dr. Allen and his staff were such a pleasure to work with- always professional, patient, and pain free!

best wheaton il orthodontistsue P.

Fantastic Service! Dr. Allen and his staff are amazing. Easy to work with, professional and cares about each and every patient. My teeth just look wonderful and I couldn’t be happier!

best wheaton il orthodontistamanda l.

I love Dr.Allen’s office! The staff is always so friendly and caring! (:

best wheaton il orthodontistShelby F.

At 49 I had my teeth aligned with Dr. Allen. Loved the staff!! and my teeth still look great! The office is state of the art and the doctor is fun and professional – first rate. My daughter just finished up too. I waited a bit too long and started her at 15 years old. But, she was invisilign eligible and it was the same price!! Whew. So, all were happy and her teeth look great too. Furthermore, I just ran out of health care reimbursement monies for the year and the very kind and accommodating front office moved my Nov/Dec payments to next year! All around first rate place. Highly recommended. Customer focused. Child friendly.

best wheaton il orthodontistDan k.

After another local orthodontist failed with our daughter’s teeth, Dr. Allen picked up the pieces and finished the job right. Sooo sad we didn’t start with Dr. Allen in the first place! He’s been great from day one to the finishing touches.

best wheaton il orthodontistBrian W.

Going to the orthodontist has never been so fun! I love the staff; they treat you like family!! – Kylie Flynn

best wheaton il orthodontistKAnnReads

Being a patient of Dr. Allen has truly been a pleasure. From day 1; the entire staff has been completely detailed-oriented and extremely attentive. Their attention to detail is felt from the moment one enters Dr. Allen’s practice. Not to mention all of the technicians’ demeanor and their team spirit is pretty much felt with every single visit. Some of their best practices include: reminder emails; promptly scheduled appointments; emergency staff protocol … the list of benefits of being Dr. Allen’s patient goes on and on. I am blessed to be under his team’s care.

best wheaton il orthodontistJoAnn G.

I had a great experience here. The staff was friendly and treated everyone well. Along with the kind people, the office contests and the rewards program made for a fun environment, and I always felt like I was being taken care of. Most importantly, my teeth now look beautiful. Thanks, Wheaton Orthodontics!

best wheaton il orthodontistMary A.

Great Place my son loved it, I wish it wasn’t so far from my home! The staff and Dr.Allen were so amazing

best wheaton il orthodontistSHONA M.

Super rare for any doctor office these days, so I MUST comment on it… Dr. Allen’s office has a point program that rewards you for several things, one of them being punctuality. I’m extremely impressed to find that this office is ALWAYS on time for their appointments. If they say your appointment is 11:30, your child is called back at or before 11:30 (after they check in, of course). I’m thoroughly impressed that with as many patients as they see, Dr. Allen and his staff are always on time!!! Thanks to all of you!! Of course there are many MANY more great things about this office, but their punctuality has impressed me a lot, especially when they squeezed us into the schedule because my son broke a bracket off his tooth earlier this week… It was a last minute appointment, AND we didn’t even have to wait around in the waiting room. Right on time!! LOVE IT!!

best wheaton il orthodontistAmanda C.

Super friendly Dr. and staff! They really care and take the time to help you understand everything that’s going on. We are very pleased so far.

best wheaton il orthodontistHolly B.

Thanks Dr Allen & Staff for taking great care of our family! The results speak for themselves. Excited Westen just started today!

best wheaton il orthodontistMark M.

Dr Allen and his entire staff are as good as it gets. In the process of my orthodontic work at the age of 54. This practice honestly has put all my fears and worries to rest. Why did I wait so long?!!! Nothing but minimal if ANY soreness. Easy, quick appointment too. But wait… the appointments. Going to Dr Allen’s office is like being taken care of by family. Everyone is highly knowledgable and professional of course, but sooooo friendly and kind. Kudos to Dr Allen for gathering together such a top notch team. In a day when customer service seems to have gone by the wayside, this group of caregivers knows how to go the extra mile. Allow me to tell you about Kelly, an orthodontic assistant at Dr Allen’s office. I arrived at a much needed appointment due to a delay on my part. I had two major surgeries and was feeling very weak and vulnerable. Kelly took such care to make sure I was not only physically comfortable, but kindly listened to my story with genuine empathy. Obviously, this act of service was and is not just a job to her. I was a person, not a patient. A week or so later, I was so surprised to receive a cheerful yellow card in the mail – from Kelly. She wanted me to know she was thinking and praying for me. She was on my side. I am so thankful to have found this group of people and am looking forward to my new smile!

best wheaton il orthodontistNadine W.

*The reviews on this page are from actual patients of Wheaton Orthodontic Center. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.

5-Star Rated Orthodontist
In DuPage County, Illinois (IL)
  • “Going to the orthodontist has never been so fun! I love the staff, they treat you like family!! ”

    - Kylie F.

    best wheaton orthodontist
  • “At 49 I had my teeth aligned with Dr. Allen. Loved the staff!! and my teeth still look great! ”

    - Dan K.

    best wheaton orthodontist
  • I love Dr.Allen's office! The staff is always so friendly and caring! (:

    - Shelby F.

    best wheaton orthodontist
  • Dr. Allen and his staff were such a pleasure to work with- always professional, patient, and pain free!

    - Sue P.

    best wheaton orthodontist
  • Fantastic Service! Dr. Allen and his staff are amazing. Easy to work with, professional and cares about each and every patient. My teeth just look wonderful and I couldn't be happier!

    - Amanda I.

    best wheaton orthodontist
*The reviews listed are from actual patients of Wheaton Orthodontic Center. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.
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