What Are The Benefits Of Braces? From Wheaton, IL’s Top Rated Orthodontist

Beautiful smiling girl with retainer for teeth is resting on the outdoors .Most people head to their favorite orthodontic office in Wheaton, IL, in pursuit of the beautifully aligned smile of their dreams, but did you know that there are more benefits to braces than just having straight teeth? From upgrading your dental health to improving your digestion, here are a few ways braces can help you build a better life.

Make Over Your Mouth 

The cosmetic advantages of straight teeth are undeniable, but in addition to being unsightly, crooked and overcrowded teeth also make it difficult for you to be an effective and efficient brusher. If you can’t get between teeth that are too close together, you can’t reach the bacteria and plaque that trigger tooth decay or gum disease.

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Teeth that are excessively out of alignment may prevent your tongue from achieving the placement necessary for you to correctly form certain sounds. While speech therapy can help, the best fix is straightening your teeth to allow your speaking patterns to readjust just like your teeth have.

Get Rid of Your Headaches 

For years, you’ve been trying to compensate for crooked teeth by either consciously or subconsciously repositioning your jaw so you can eat, talk, or smile better. These seemingly small adjustments often lead to muscle strain, sleep disturbances, and headaches. Once your Wheaton, IL orthodontist corrects your bite, any lingering discomfort should fade.

Improve Your Digestion 

Most people don’t immediately make the connection between an upset stomach or unexpected bloating and crooked teeth, but the truth is that a misaligned bite makes it awfully difficult to break down food properly. That, in turn, taxes your digestive system. Fix the first part of the process and you’ll be chewing your way to a healthy, happier you in no time.

With all these benefits in store, who wouldn’t want to find their ideal smile thanks to braces? Be sure to ask your orthodontist about these benefits and more! To schedule a consultation with our top-rated orthodontist in Wheaton, IL , called our orthodontic office today at 630.796.7408.

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  • Fantastic Service! Dr. Allen and his staff are amazing. Easy to work with, professional and cares about each and every patient. My teeth just look wonderful and I couldn't be happier!

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